September 22, 2018  –  13 Tishrei 5779  –  י״ג בְּתִשְׁרֵי תשע״ט


Prayer Book Fund: We periodically purchase new prayer books, both for Shabbat and the High Holidays.
Currently we have enough books. Your donation will be put into a prayer book fund. $36.00.

Torah Restoration Fund: Any amount specified for future costs, to have one or more of our Torahs
professionally restored. (Currently we have funds invested in a Fidelity Fund.) Your donation will be
applied to the fund.

Gift Opportunities 

Memorial Plaque: In memory of a loved one. It will be placed on the wall at the rear of the Synagogue
and the name of the deceased will be read during the Shabbat Memorial Service in the month of the
death. The donation for the plaque is $250.00.

Tree of Life: A leaf, which is on the side wall of the Synagogue, which can be designated as either in
honor of or in memory of a loved one and the donor can specify the engraving on the leaf. $54.00.

A Religious Object: Any monetary amount (enough to cover cost) specifying a religious object for use
in the Synagogue. Many items that adorn our Torahs and Bimah have been obtained in this manner.

Yom Kippur Appeal: Money donated to this appeal is distributed to a variety of Israeli, National and
local charities. (This appeal occurs during the High Holidays.)


Sisterhood Gift Opportunities

Sisterhood Israeli Tree Certificates: From the Jewish National Fund, these are an excellent way to
honor a loved one. $18.00 each.

Sisterhood High Holiday Pamphlet: Sisterhood’s annual High Holiday pamphlet where for various
dollar amounts, there will be printed L’Shanah Tovah greetings, “Jewels” will be honored as well as “In
Memoriam” listings. (This occurs through Sisterhood’s annual appeal.)

Sisterhood Sunshine Fund: For $3.00 per donation. Just tell us what you would like as your message
and send your donation to our Sisterhood secretary, Mrs. Linda Schulte, at 21 Inverness East, Aiken, Aiken, SC, 29803.

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